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Majorca or Mallorca, is a popular travel destination and in high season it is flooded with millions of tourists from all over the world. This is a blessing for the inhabitants who are well prepared for it by providing a well-organized tourist infrastructure.

Except for the sun, sea, and sand, there are many other attractions waiting to be discovered. The Gothic architecture, hilltop villages, olive groves, and hidden coves create an unforgettable holiday, along with the crazy summer parties.

Visitors can enjoy their explorations almost anywhere from Palma de Mallorca to the main centre, or the northwest coast in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain ranges, or even in the north and east coast beaches.

By Plane

There are flights from many European cities to Palma de Mallorca airport. Many of the discount airlines have daily flights.

Also, there are flights from Menorca and Ibiza, but are double the price of ferries from these islands, and save only about an hour.

From the airport there are public buses running down to central Palma which are quite frequent, and the offices of the car rental agencies can also be found here.

By Rail

There is a tramway and a well-developed railway system with connections to many parts of the island. Many towns have developed a tramway system. There are two railways in Majorca; one takes you from Palma to Inca and the other from Palma to Soller.

By Boat

One can catch a ferry to Palma from several points on the Spanish coast. There is also a ferry from Minorca to Alcudia

Getting Around in Majorca

Being one of the foremost Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Majorca is endowed with picturesque surroundings, landscapes, and realms. Because of the increase in the number of tourists, the public transport network is all set to serve the best to its passengers. With the latest modes of transportation, it is not difficult for visitors to get in and around the island. In the last few years, much reformation has been taken to provide all travelers with quality services. As a result of rapid improvement, the authority is ready to deliver up-to-date timetables and ideal plans so that visitors don't have to struggle a lot to get around in Majorca. At present, the island has a well-maintained bus system, which is linked to major locations. The Sant Joan airport is channeled by public buses that connect central Palma. It is great to know that many car hire offices are located close to the airport. Hence, a traveler needn't worry about a medium to travel around the island. Choose one of the convenient options and get set to explore the island.

Bus System

Ongoing escalation in the modes of transportation has brought much development in the bus system. It is highly impossible for anyone to think of public transport without the presence of a bus. Therefore, it has become the cheapest mode of transportation in Majorca. At present, a bus tour is pretty much interesting for budget holidays. Traveling by buses operated by Transport de les Illes Balears is an inimitable experience where you have plenty of things to do and a number of things to share with others. If you are looking for bus travel, then you should note down that many buses depart from Plaça Espanya in the city of Palma. It offers you an opportunity to interact with different people on and along the way. You have the freedom to move at your convenience. Enjoy a bus ride at very reasonable charges whereas adding up a bit more fares for a special ride. Whilst approaching a route to this Balearic Island, get prepared to explore matchless scenic beauties and exceptional views. Enhance your skill in photography by clicking a few snaps.


Travelling by a taxi is one of the safest modes of transportation in Majorca. E-booking service is always beneficial if you are interested in a joyful excursion. Almost all major companies provide a facility of the airport shuttle. Taxis offer an extended service for physically disabled and children. A range of vehicles is provided with special arrangement for handicaps. Upon request, the taxi providers offer baby seats as well as large storage space for carrying a bicycle. With the taxi service, you needn't worry about additional problems. A taxi is always at your response from the day you visit the island until you stay there. Booking a taxi in advance offers a placard service where your driver waits for you at the airport so that you can quickly reach your destination. Enjoy a taxi ride in Majorca and let your tension drift away.


Majorca rail network is fortunate to boast three lines serving millions of passengers. Starting from the Plaça d'Espanya station/ Estació Intermodal in Palma these lines connect to four destinations namely Manacor, Sa Pobla, Marratxí, and Inca. With the advent of enormous progress in the modes of transportation, the island is working on the path to progress. At present, the island has a well-equipped channel of railways that include TIB (Transport on the Balearic Islands), the Metro, and the Main Line. Getting around in Majorca is not a big deal because of the plenty of options. Traveling on the island by the rail network is a touching experience as you get a chance to explore panoramic scenes and views. Tourists can also avail trams, which is another mode to visit different places.

Car Rental

If you are craving to enjoy memorable holidays of your lifetime, opt for a car rental in Majorca. This is one of the best options where you are independently exploring the island. You needn't have to reorganize your plan and wait for other modes of transportation to go anywhere. With the best car hire companies, the island is all set to welcome everybody. If you book a car in advance, then you stay hassle-free during your journey. Your car rental is always ready to offer reliable service. If you are interested in driving a car, then you must hold an international driving license. Before you go anywhere, you must be aware of basic traffic rules. It is all time helpful if you carry a user guide and map. A car hire company also provides important instruction as well as suggests you keep a car within the speed limit. You mustn't forget to visit beaches, bars, and bistros to discover Majorca according to your convenience.

Communication in Majorca

With different mediums of communication in Majorca, the island is all set to welcome tourists. There are many radio stations throughout the Balearic Islands. The island has witnessed mammoth growth in broadcasting because of the latest digital services. To provide a user-friendly facility to the tourists, the island has come up with several internet cafes. The telecommunication companies provide unmatched service with good coverage and roaming facilities to mobile phone users. Majorca has an array of newspapers such as Diario de Mallorca. Tourists can watch dozens of channels transmitted in different foreign languages. It also provides internal and international postal services. Hence, the island is endeavoring toward a step of progress at a fast pace.