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Many festivals are celebrated throughout the year in Majorca (or Mallorca). Tourists will surely get to know a real taste of this Spanish island's local traditions and culture.


Revelta i Beneides de Sant Antoni Abat
This is the traditional festival that takes place in January for two days throughout the Mallorcan cities and towns. The festival brings locals together in feasts, parades and bonfires and folk music.

Festa de Sant Sebastia
In January, the Fiesta Sant SebastiĆ  takes place to celebrate the patron saint of the capital, Saint Sebastian. This event is celebrated for two weeks in Palma de Mallorca with sports events, parties, live music.


Sa Rua & Sa Rueta - Mallorca Carnival

Every year this carnival is celebrated with parades, street parties, live music, food throughout Mallorca. Sa Rueta is the children's parade, while Sa Rua is the adults' parade. Most towns and villages hold their fancy dress parades followed by prizes for best costumes, dance etc.


Semana Santa
A week of solemn Easter in Palma de Mallorca. The preparation begins on Palm Sunday when the Palm and Olive branches are blessed at churches. Processions are held every day, and the biggest processions are arranged on Thursday. On this day, a procession starts from the church of La Sang, carrying a crucifix. Then, on the evening of Good Friday, a statue of Christ is let down from the cross in Pollenca and then carried down the Calvary steps in silence.


Festa Sant Francesc
Celebrated all over Majorca in April. It is a popular feast of St. Francis takes place throughout the Mallorca island.

Festa Sant Jordi
The feast takes place on April 23rd all over Majorca. This is the feast day of the patron saint of many towns and villages. It is celebrated in almost all cities of Majorca.

Princess Sofia Trophy (Trofeo Princesa Sofia)
This is a yachting regatta. It is one of the famous festivals in the Balearic Islands that takes place in Palma.


Eivissa Medieval
Second Sunday of May in Eivissa, Ibiza. It is marked by concerts and dance, celebrating the declaration of the Dalt Villa, in 1992, as a World Heritage site.

Festa de Maig
First Sunday of May in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. One of the most colourful festivals in the Balearic Islands. It is also called Spring Flower Festival.

Festa de Nostra Sanyora de la Victoria
Second Sunday of May in Soller and Port de Soller, Majorca. Mock battles are staged up to mark the raid by the Turkish pirates in the year 1561.


Corpus Christi
Celebrated in Pollenca, Majorca. Includes the 'Dance of the Eagles' and is performed in the main square of the city.

Sant Antoni de Juny
Celebrated on June 13th in Arta, Majorca. It is a feast that includes parades of locals dressed up like horses.

Romeria de Sant Marcal
June 30th in Sa Cabeneta, Majorca. It is a famous fair held in many cities and towns of Majorca.


Dia de Virgen de Carmen
July 15th to 16th, all over Majorca. It is marked by processions of boats in various parts of the Balearic Islands.

Santa Catalina Thomas
July 27th to 28th, in Valldemossa, Majorca. It is marked by a procession of carts and bulls along with a feast.


Copa del Rey
The first week of August in Palma, Majorca. The most popular yachting regatta was held under the patronage of King Juan Carlos.

Sant Ciriac
August 8th, in Ibiza. Feast in honour of Spanish recapture of the islands.

Assumption of the Virgin
August 15th. The major festival is held throughout Spain.

Sant Agustin
August 28th, in Felantix, Majorca. Includes dancing and horse-riding shows.


Processio de la Beata
First Sunday of September, in Santa Margalida, Majorca. Procession of floats and people dressed in folk costume honouring Sant Catalina.

Diada de Catalunya
September 11th. National holiday throughout the islands.

Festa des Vermar
Last Sunday of September, in Binissalem, Majorca. Grape-harvest festival includes concerts and floats.

Festa del Melo
Last Sunday of September, in Vilafranca de Bonany, Majorca. Watermelon festival marking the end of the harvest.


Dia de la Hispanidad
October 12th. National Spanish holiday

Festa de Virgin
October 21st in Palma, Majorca. Includes singing, preparation of large cakes, food etc.

Festa dies Butifarro
Third Sunday of October, in Sant Joan, Majorca. Celebrated by eating tasty sausages.


Sant Carles
November 4th, in Ibiza. The patron saint's day is celebrated throughout Ibiza.

Dilous Bo
Third Thursday of November, in Inca, Majorca. An important agricultural feast.

Birthday of Junipero Serra
November 24th. The birthday of this Franciscan monk is celebrated all over the island.


Noche Buena
December 24th, all over Majorca. Christmas Eve celebrations.

Santos Inocentes
December 28th. A Spanish equivalent of April Fool's day.

Festa de l'Estandard
December 31st, in Palma, Majorca. Procession from the town hall to the Mass at the Cathedral.