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Majorca (Mallorca), the largest island of the Balearic Islands archipelago, is ready to welcome millions of tourists each year. Visitors come from every corner of the world to sample Majorca's ever-increasing greenery, water reforms and landscapes. Visiting Majorca must be as close as you can get to a real trip to paradise. Majorca is ideally placed in the lap of the Mediterranean Sea where you have ample chance to explore her untouched beaches, breath-taking scenery and many attractions that the island has to offer. The island comprises of seven cities, the capital being Palma where the majority of population resides. Cities and small towns in other regions such as Pla de Mallorca, Raiguer, Migjorn and Llevant also attract a fair share of tourists. Check out the top things to do, if you are planning a trip to Majorca. Make sure that you have gone through detailed information if you are a newbie and want to have great time on the island.

Top 10 Majorca Landmarks

Castell de Bellver - Palma

The Castell de Bellver to the northwest of Palma is a 14th century circular castle with round towers standing on the four sides. It is a unique monument of its own kind situated in the laps of Spain. The castle took around 10 years of construction to be built atop the hills of Puig de SaMesquida. This famous monument is also known as the Bellver Castle.

Banys Arabs (Arab Baths) - Palma

The Banys Arabs in Palma, also known as the Arab baths are merely the existing ruins of the Arab city of Medina Mayurqa belonging to 10th century. The structure, which was once a part of an Arab nobleman's house, is one of the crowded tourist places in Majorca. The Arab Baths resemble many other architectural designs found in Islamic countries.

Son Morroig - Deia

The Son Morroig is a medieval mansion built in 1276, but it was acquired by Austrian aristocrat Archduke Ludwig Salvator in the 19th century. At present, the building hosts a museum in the memories of Ludwig Salvator, who was a great admirer of the island and spent his entire life in exploring Mallorca and its neighbouring islands. Because of its location high above sea level, the medieval mansion offers stunning views of Majorca.

Cathedral (La Seu) - Palma ( Visit Site )

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, which is also known as La Seu, is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral constructed on the site of a pre-existing Arab mosque. Designed in the Catalan Gothic style, it is one of the largest catholic cathedrals found in the world.

Passeig des Born - Palma

In the 19th century, the Passeig des Born was placed on the site of a dried up riverbed. This is now one of the famous shopping streets in Palma with a wonderful view of lined trees on either sides of road. It boasts mid to high priced shops, cafes, bars. The Passeig de Born is also a famous place for hosting many feasts during summer.

La Llotja - Palma

The La Llotja in Palma is an eccentric building, which looks like a half-castle and a half-church. This peculiar structure was designed by Guillem Sagrera in the 15th century, when Majorca was the main maritime trading centre. At present, this monument is a cultural centre, and also hosts temporary exhibitions.

Valldemossa Monastery - Valldemossa ( Visit Site )

The Valldemossa Charterhouse in Valldemossa village was constructed on the demand of King James II of Majorca, who wanted to dedicate a palace to his son, Sanç. Later on, all royal possessions of Valldemossa were transferred into the hands of the Carthusian monks. The monastery is a museum today displaying the Charterhouse heritage and collections from 15th - 20th centuries.

Centre Cultural Contemporani Pelaires - Palma ( Visit Site )

The Centre Cultural Contemporani Pelaires in Palma is a part of the historical Palacio de Can that was renovated to accommodate the cultural centre. This structure opened in 1990, where the two large floors were used to hold art exhibitions. At present, this 17th century building is also used to host events, concerts, debates and conferences.

Palau de la Almudaina - Palma

The Palau de la Almudaina in Palma is originally an Islamic fort, which was transformed into a residence for the Mallorcan monarchs at the end of the 13th century. One of the famous landmarks in Majorca, it is positioned right opposite to the Cathedral. It has a series of cavernous stonewalled rooms that are lavishly tinted to attract tourists. The palace is used as the King's residence for official ceremonies during summer.

Fundacio La Caixa - Palma

The Fundacio la Caixa in Palma is situated in one of the legendary buildings of Majorca, which was previously the Gran Hotel. In 1993, the building was captured by Fundacio la Caixa, who turned it into an architectural beauty as well as the first-class place for organising programmes, cultural and art events.

Top 5 Bars

Tito's - Palma ( Visit Site )

With modern décor, Tito's is all set to welcome clubbers belonging to different backgrounds. It is one of the most famous bars and nightclubs in Palma ready to entertain with the latest music, magic and magnetism. Spread on 3 floors with more than 3000 square feet of club area, Tito's is renovated with up-to-date amenities and has some of Spain's top DJ's playing here.

Canny Lad - Alcudia

With a very friendly atmosphere, Canny Lad is all set to serve the best to visitors. It is run by Lesley and Les in the city of Alcudia. Being one of famous places to hangout for young and aged people, the bar offers sky TV, karaoke, bingo and other entertainment. It is popular for British home-cooked foods and the only place for Newcastle Brown Ale and the Beach Screw Cocktail.

Pacha Mallorca - Calvia ( Visit Site )

The world famous Pacha nightclub is here in Calvia, Mallorca. Stay fully energetic in the dynamic atmosphere of this stylish nightclub, get a VIP treatment and feel like a special one. Rock in the party, enjoy dazzling music tunes and dance on DJs tracks. Try a range of drinks, snacks and nibbles as you dance till the wee hours of the morning.

BCM Planet Dance - Magaluf ( Visit Site )

Get all set to enjoy at BCM Planet Dance also known as BMC, the largest nightclub in Majorca (or Mallorca). With an impressive sound system, BMC is set to entertain the guests with its pleasing ambience and large space for all hardcore clubbers. Join there to enjoy the world's best DJs, artists and club bands.

El Ancla - Palma ( Visit Site )

If you are looking for a chilled out bar, then your search ends at the famous resort of Can Pastilla, which houses El Ancla. This bar is ideal for those, who like to enjoy music with cocktails, Shisha and games. It is a prefect place with stylish bar and hearty ambiance.

Top 10 Activities

Mallorca Hiking Day Tours

Discover the wonderful Spanish island with Mallorca hiking day tours. These tours are full of fun and adventure. You can join a group trip, travel alone and ask for a couple outing. Set your mind to experience a guided hiking tour in untouched regions of Majorca. Some hiking tours are arranged according to your demand, but you need to inform in advance. With Mallorca hiking, you can enjoy climbing onto the third largest peak in Majorca, the Tossals Verds. Capture natural beauties of surrounding areas of Fornalutx along with the Soller valley. If you like to experiment with many excursions, then you can try the GR221 route, from the pretty inland village of Es Capdella to Estellencs on the north-western coast, also known as Dry Stone Route.

Yellow Trike Tours

Spend a day full of fun with a unique tricycle ride. Explore the island of Spain with fantastic yellow trike tours and also visit different places according to your convenience. Plan a tour with your family, and get all set to experience the whistling sound of wind on your way to tourist spots. With a three-wheeled vehicle that offers optimal speed, enjoy the best time of your life riding from Palmanova along the waterfront in Palma. Go on a long drive passing through the harbour and the Palma's 700-year-old Gothic Cathedral. Soak in the view of traditional Majorcan Villages, breathtaking rocky coastline, moving all along Andratx and return to starting point, Palmanova.

Millesimee Tours

Majorca offers distinct tours of its own kind where you will never get bored and tiresome. If you are a hard core wine lover, and want to experiment with local, Mediterranean and Spanish wines, then Millesimee tours are absolutely designed for you. With these guided tours at various wine shops in the heart of Palma, you can get a chance to taste the wines of different fragrances, flavours and peculiarities.

Sloane Helicopter Tours

With such a fantastic helicopter excursion, you get a chance to explore a hidden desire of flying in the sky like a bird. Sloane Helicopters offers plenty of tours such as Heli tours and Sightseeing flights. You can fly over the Tramuntana mountain range, glide over Mallorca's white sandy beaches and the turquoise sea. If this is not enough, then you can plan a picnic onto the mountain's top. Dine at famous Palma restaurants located on hills.

Real Club Nautico Yacht Club

For a die-hard water sport's lover, Real Club Nautico Yacht Club is the right place for hangout. The club is situated in the south-west of Mallorca at the heart of the Bay of Palma around 10 km by motorway from the Son Sant Joan International Airport. It is located at a desired destination about 3 km from the Port of Palma. Because of its strategic position, the club is accessible to taxis, buses, trains, car rental companies, shops, cinemas, theatres, ships chandlers, bars, restaurants and discos. Hence, it is extremely safe for visitors without any unexpected destruction from winds and storms. The club offers a wonderful maritime experience.

Blue Sky Cruising Mallorca ( Visit Site )

Get familiar with the Blue Sky Cruising, a yacht charter company based in the port of Andratx, Mallorca, which is specialised in providing a luxury charter for your memorable vacation. With such an amazing seafaring activity, you can discover sea and sunshine of Balearic Islands. This activity is ideal for those interested in adventure excursions including scuba diving, water skiing and surfing.

Cooltra Scooter Day Tours Mallorca

With a Cooltra scooter rental, you can explore Majorca according to your convenience. Make sure that you don't forget to visit the archaeological site of Son Fornes situated in Montuiri around 2.5 km north-west of the town centre. Try traditional food at the La Granja d'Esporles, and go to the Playa de Es Trenc as well as relax at some beaches.

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Mallorca Balloons, Manacor - Hot Air Ballooning ( Visit Site )

If you are interested in watching the island with bird's eye view, then you should try a hot air ballooning excursion. For such a fun loving activity, you will be picked early in the morning. Your next destination will be Manacor, where your guide will give a brief safety precaution. After a few minutes, you will be flying in the sky at a maximum height of 2000 ft in the guidance of the Palma Airport Tower.

Palma Lock and Go Tours ( Visit Site )

Manage your trip with Palma Lock and Go tours. These tours primarily focus on an arranged journey offering benefits to visit many places in less time. Explore the island with a guided tour, which includes a thematic excursion, particularly concentrating on history, culture and architecture of Majorca. If you are interested in adventurous outing, then you can also ask for a boat trip.

Marineland Dolphin Show Majorca (or Mallorca)

Maineland is situated in the Costa D'en Blanes, Calvia, which is close to the famous tourist resort of Magaluf and Palma Nova. With a pod of dolphins capturing your heart, it is hard to miss this show, where you will get amused by the friendliness of dolphins and sea lions. It is one of the amusement places in Majorca rated amongst the best in the world. This place consists of an underwater tunnel, which offers a ride of the natural habitat of marine animals, especially dolphins.

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Top Majorca FAQs

Q.1) What is the capital of Majorca?

Ans: The capital of the island is Palma (formerly Palma de Mallorca).

Q.2) Where is Majorca located?

Ans: Majorca, which is also known as Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the Balearic Islands.

Q.3) What is the anthem of Majorca?

Ans: La Balanguera is the national anthem of the Balearic Islands, Spain.

Q.4) What is the time zone of Majorca?

Ans: Majorca follows CET (UTC+1) time zone while in Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2).

Q.5) What is the population of Majorca?

Ans: The population of Majorca is 869,067 (as of 1 January 2010) with a density 238.75 /km2.

Q.6) What are the postal and dialling codes for Majorca?

Ans: The postal and dialling codes for Majorca are 070 and 971 respectively.

Q.7) What is the currency of Majorca?

Ans: Euro is official currency of Spain (Majorca). Visitors can get their currency converted in banks. Some hotels in Majorca also provide the facility for foreign exchange. You can also withdraw money by using credit and debit cards.

Q.8) Which are the languages spoken in Majorca?

Ans: The language spoken in Majorca is Catalan. However, the two official languages are Catalan and Spanish. The local dialect of Catalan is Mallorquí, although the dialects are somewhat different in many villages. The majority of the tourists speak German as a native language.

Q.9) How is the climate in Majorca?

Ans: Majorca enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild and stormy winters while hot and bright summers.

Q.10) Is Majorca safe for visitors?

Ans: Yes, Majorca is very safe for visitors as the crime rate is very low.

Q.11) What are the leading spots to travel in Majorca?

Ans: The leading tourist spots in Majorca are the Plaça d'Espanya, the Cathedral Area, the Banys Àrabs and the Old City.

Q.12) Which is the highest point in Majorca?

Ans: Puig Major is the highest peak on the Spanish island of Majorca. It is situated in the Serra de Tramuntana.

Q.13) What are the visa requirements for Majorca?

Ans: For Majorca visa requirements, please visit visa requirements page.

Q.14) What is the electric current voltage in Majorca?

Ans: Majorca has an electric current of 220 Volt. Most appliances work with the correct adaptor that varies from the UK Standard 3 pin socket to European 2 pin socket.

Getting Around in Majorca

Being one of the foremost Balearic Islands in Mediterranean Sea, Majorca is endowed with picturesque surroundings, landscapes and realms. Because of increase in the number of tourists, the public transport network is all set to serve the best to its passengers. With the latest modes of transportation, it is not difficult for visitors to get in and around of the island. In a last few years, much reformation has been taken to provide all travellers with quality services. As a result of rapid improvement, the authority is ready to deliver up-to-date timetables and ideal plans so that visitors don't have to struggle a lot to get around in Majorca. At present, the island has a well-maintained bus system, which is linked to major locations. The Sant Joan airport is channelled by public buses that connect central Palma. It is great to know that many car hire offices are located close to the airport. Hence, a traveller needn't worry for a medium to travel around the island. Choose one of the convenient options and get set to explore the island.

Bus System

Ongoing escalation in the modes of transportation has brought much development in the bus system. It is highly impossible for anyone to think of a public transport without the presence of a bus. Therefore, it has become the cheapest mode of transportation in Majorca. At present, a bus tour is a pretty much interesting for budget holidays. Travelling by buses operated by Transport de les Illes Balears is an inimitable experience where you have plenty of things to do and a number of things to share with others. If you are looking for a bus travel, then you should note down that many buses depart from Plaça Espanya in the city of Palma. It offers you an opportunity to interact with different people on and along the way. You have a freedom to move at your convenience. Enjoy a bus ride at very reasonable charges whereas add up a bit more fares for a special ride. Whilst approaching on a route to this Balearic Island, get prepared to explore matchless scenic beauties and exceptional views. Enhance your skill in photography by clicking a few snaps.


Travelling by a taxi is one of the safest modes of transportation in Majorca. E-booking service is always beneficial if you are interested in a joyful excursion. Almost all major companies provide a facility of the airport shuttle. Taxis offer an extended service for physically disabled and children. A range of vehicles is provided with special arrangement for handicaps. Upon request, the taxi providers offer baby seats as well as large storage space for carrying a bicycle. With the taxi service, you needn't worry about additional problems. A taxi is always at your response from the day you visit the island until you stay there. Booking a taxi in advance offers a placard service where your driver waits for you at the airport so that you can quickly reach your destination. Enjoy a taxi ride in Majorca and let your tension drift away.


Majorca rail network is fortunate to boast three lines serving millions of passengers. Starting from the Plaça d'Espanya station/ Estació Intermodal in Palma these lines connect to four destinations namely Manacor, Sa Pobla, Marratxí and Inca. With the advent of enormous progress in the modes of transportation, the island is working on the path to progress. At present, the island has a well-equipped channel of railways that include TIB (Transport on the Balearic Islands), the Metro and the Main Line. Getting around in Majorca is not a big deal because of the plenty of options. Travelling in the island by the rail network is a touching experience as you get a chance to explore panoramic scenes and views. Tourists can also avail trams, which is another mode to visit different places.

Car Rental

If you are craving to enjoy memorable holidays of your lifetime, opt for car rental in Majorca. This is one of the best options where you are independently exploring the island. You needn't have to reorganise your plan and wait for other modes of transportation to go anywhere. With the best car hire companies, the island is all set to welcome everybody. If you book a car in advance, then you stay hassle free during your journey. Your car rental is always ready to offer reliable service. If you are interested in driving a car, then you must hold an international driving license. Before you go anywhere, you must be aware of basic traffic rules. It is all time helpful if you carry a user guide and map. A car hire company also provides important instruction as well as suggests you keep a car within speed limit. You mustn't forget to visit beaches, bars and bistros to discover Majorca according to your convenience.

Communication in Majorca

With different mediums of communication in Majorca, the island is all set to welcome tourists. There are many radio stations throughout the Balearic Islands. The island has witnessed mammoth growth in broadcasting because of latest digital services. To provide user-friendly facility to the tourists, the island has come up with several internet cafes. The telecommunication companies provide unmatched service with good coverage and roaming facilities to mobile phone users. Majorca has an array of newspapers such as Diario de Mallorca. Tourists can watch dozens of channels transmitted in different foreign languages. It also provides internal and international postal services. Hence, the island is endeavouring toward a step of progress at a fast pace.